Al Dunbar Hypnotherapy in Nuneaton Atherstone Hinckley Warwickshire

Prices and Services Available

Initial Consultation
Initial 30 minute consultation
Free of charge
30 minute session
Session can be Face to face or over the phone
Agree how we can achieve the change you desire
Meet in confidence
Discuss what you require
Contact for more details
Approx 1.5 Hours
One to one private session
Achieve the change you desire
See a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner
Overcome fears or phobias or get rid of anxiety
Lose weight or quit smoking
Or maybe it's something else...
Contact for more details
Hypnotic Gastric Band
Four sessions
Find out why diets don't work
Achieve the weight you desire
If required, I will fit an Hypnotic Gastric Band
All of the benefit, none of the surgery
No food is off limits
Discover a new you
Contact for more details
Stop Smoking
Single Session
No Cravings
No Weight Gain
Can be adapted to quit vaping as well
Become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker
Simple and easy
Single session
Contact for more details

Stop Smoking

Do you want to be a non-smoker?

Working together using hypnotherapy techniques we can help you become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker, but a non-smoker.  Think and behave like someone who has never smoked, no weight gain and no cravings.

Around 80% of people that come for smoking cessation do it in just a single session - but don't worry, if you don't you can come back for a top up.

Weight Loss

Weight loss sessions vary depending on your needs.  Some people only want to drop a little excess weight, others might have more to lose, so I will design the length of time and type of sessions around what you need.  This means there is no average amount of sessions, the amount of visits purely depends on your needs.

If you do need to lose a little more weight then I can utilise a Hypnotic Gastric Band - where I take you step by step through a hypnotic operation to fit a gastric band.  This has a similar effect to a full gastric band being fitted but without the invasive surgery.

Ready to find out more?

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Al Dunbar Hypnotherapy in Nuneaton Atherstone Hinckley Warwickshire