Stress & Anxiety

From time to time we all feel anxiety or worry, it's a normal human response to certain situations. It helps protect and build us.
For those of us who suffer from an Anxiety Disorder those feelings of fear or danger happen most, or all, of the time and can become an ever present, overwhelming, sense of fear or dread.
Anxiety can lead to depression, over worrying, intrusive thoughts, stress and panic. It can affect you physically as well, causing symptoms such as: chest pains, churning stomach, shortness of breath and trouble sleeping or concentrating.
Anxiety Disorders impact us in different ways, no one person will experience the same symptoms or impact as another person.
I can help.  My tailored and targeted method will help you to approach challenges in a calm, confident and positive manner, moving that anxiety back to the temporary, natural response it should be.

Anxiety Infographic