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Stress & Anxiety
Fear and Phobias
General Hypnotherapy
Stop Smoking
Stress & Anxiety

From time to time we all feel anxiety or worry, it's a normal human response to certain situations. It helps protect and build us.

For those of us who suffer from an Anxiety Disorder those feelings of fear or danger happen most, or all, of the time and can become an ever present, overwhelming, sense of fear or dread.

Anxiety can lead to depression, over worrying, intrusive thoughts, stress and panic. It can affect you physically as well, causing symptoms such as: chest pains, churning stomach, shortness of breath and trouble sleeping or concentrating.

Anxiety Disorders impact us in different ways, no one person will experience the same symptoms or impact as another person.

I can help. My tailored and targeted approach will help you to approach challenges in a calm, confident and positive manner, moving that anxiety back to the temporary, natural response it should be.

Fear and Phobias

Do you have a fear of flying or spiders, heights or public speaking?
Do you plan your life to avoid situations that might trigger the fear that comes with it?
Does your phobia cause you to experience significant distress?
Do you feel your phobia holds you back in life?

My Phobia Management treatment plan will help you find the cause of your phobia and overcome your worst fear. I will help you to communicate with your sub conscious mind and change the way you think, feel and behave when confronted with your ‘phobic 'situation.

General Hypnotherapy

We all have things that either build up or just happen and need to be dealt with urgently. It could be your weight is causing you problems, perhaps psychologically, physically or both.

It could be the loss of a loved one, a change in employment or anything that is impacting on your day to day life. It could be depression or anger, compulsive behaviour, skin picking or hair pulling.

When we're experiencing this, help is needed straightaway.

My tailored hypnotherapy techniques will help you to move on positively, making sure that the negative experience doesn't impact on your long term health and have long lasting effects.

Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy in Nuneaton Atherstone Hinckley WarwickshireDo you want to be a non-smoker?

Working together using my Smoking Cessation techniques I can help you become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker, but a non-smoker.  Think and behave like someone who has never smoked, no weight gain and no cravings.

All of that in a single session, and, if you need it, you can come back for a free top up.

Prices and Services Available

Initial Consultation
30 Minutes
Free of charge, complimentary session
30 minute session
Over the phone or video conference
Agree how we can achieve the change you desire for you
Meet in confidence
Agree your treatment plan
Contact for more details
Hypnotherapy Session
Approx 1 Hr
One to one private session
Face to Face or On-Line (Zoom or Skype)
Achieve the change you desire
Overcome stress and anxiety
Treat Fears and Phobias
Targets the areas that impact you
Contact for more details
Stop Smoking
Single Session
No Cravings, No Weight Gain
Think like you've never smoked
Use to quit vaping as well
Become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker
All in a single session
Free top up - if you need it
Contact for more details

Please note: The amount of sessions required will depend on your individual needs. Prices above are indicative and the approximate length of therapy will be agreed in your complimentary session.

Hypnotherapy Nuneaton
Weight Loss
Past Life Regression
Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy Nuneaton

Weight loss sessions vary depending on your needs.  Some people only want to drop a little excess weight, others might have more to lose, so I will design the length of time and type of sessions around what you need.  This means there is no average amount of sessions, the amount of visits purely depends on your needs.

If you do need to lose a little more weight then I can utilise a Hypnotic Gastric Band - where I take you step by step through a hypnotic operation to fit a gastric band.  This has a similar effect to a full gastric band being fitted but without the invasive surgery.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is performed during hypnosis.  It iHypnotherapy Nuneatons a chance to experience who you were in a previous life.  A chance to explore and find out something about yourself from a past life.

I will guide you back to your past life and help you to explore and discover who you were, where you lived and other details about this life you have lived before.

Most of us have lived many, many lives before the one we are experiencing now.  Using hypnotherapy techniques I will guide you into hypnosis and you will then choose which past life to visit and experience.  I will help guide you the whole way, to help you get the most from this unique experience.

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